Naman Mathur, Uber

UX Research Lead

Naman has experience working with myriad digital products with companies like Uber, Microsoft and Target. Naman worked with Uber’s emerging markets team to deliver products which helped unlock the next wave of hundreds of millions of riders in emerging markets like the Indian Subcontinent, Brazil, Mexico, the Middle East, and Africa. These projects also created a playbook unique to Uber to define more inclusive digital products. Naman helped build a strong voice and empathy for the consumers in these markets. Most recently, Naman has moved to Amsterdam where he’s doing the same for creating more inclusive payment experiences. With a total experience of more than 7 years covering varied research topics and user segments, I’ve worked on a variety of research projects using both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Before this I was with Microsoft where I worked on Cortana and Target where I started a research team on conversational interfaces as a researcher.

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