Lorenzo Bronzi, PostNL

Customer Experience Manager

Lorenzo Bronzi is Customer Experience Manager at PostNL a global delivery solutions company with a strong footprint in Europe and Asia. He is based at the company headquarters in Den Haag, The Netherlands. He joined PostNL in September 2017. Mr. Bronzi has almost 10 years’ experience in using NPS and customer experience management in driving the company market penetration, customer loyalty, and market share. Mr. Bronzi considers himself as an internal strategic consultant with a strong focus on taking the customers in the heart of the organisation. Over the past decade, he partnered with colleagues in financial services, telecom, consumer electronics, digital/internet, and professional electronics to reduce churn and increase customer base in parallel with an increase in average lifetime customer value. Mr. Bronzi vision is to make every single customer a company ambassador by providing a unique experience in each touch point.

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