Adina Vlad, Unlock

Managing Partner

Adina Vlad is the Managing Partner of Unlock Market Research. She founded Unlock after having management experience in a multinational research company. Adina has 20 years of research experience, being involved in many strategic studies in Romania and abroad. She was the one that opened the territory of motivational research in Romania and built a well recognized training school for market researchers, with focus on adding depth and thorough human understanding in each project. Unlock team currently comprises 20 people, most of them sociologists, sharing competencies both in qualitative and quantitative surveys, with expertise in insight generation. Beginning of 2015, Unlock was repositioned as consumer knowledge company, together with launching its blog, The blog comprises articles on company’s projects or consumer discoveries meant to help the market gather a glimps of what is going on in people lives on a regular basis. End of 2017 Unlock launched the first product meant to monitor consumer trends called Hunters. The company continues to follow its direction of innovator in market research and consumer knowledge consultant

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