Quantifying the role of mobile in digital video – An Interview with Hannu Verkasalo of Verto Analytics

MRMW Europe is happening next week in London and we are incredibly excited about the great cast of speakers sharing their ideas. I appreciate the fresh inspiration and energy that these leaders are bringing to the table, so I spent some time interviewing them. Hopefully, this will give you a sneak peek into what the programme will be about, as well as some inspiration to motivate change and growth in your organisation. Below is my interview with Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, the CEO and Founder of Verto Analytics.

At MRMW Europe, Hannu will talk about ‘Quantifying the role of mobile in digital video’. He will discuss how to measure video consumption of over 15,000 consumers successfully across their digital devices and also share the challenges encountered during the study.

JL: What are you most looking forward to at MRMW Europe 2016?

HV: MRMW is among the most important industry events for companies that require in-depth market research and consumer insights on the digital consumer. We look forward to presenting, in tandem with Paul Neto of YuMe, some of our new research on the digital video consumer across all the digital devices that are matter today – from smartphones to desktop computers. Our  single-source methodology provides an unprecedented amount of data and insights on the complex behavior of consumers as they move across devices, apps, and services throughout the day. Our research will give the brands and technology companies in attendance a glimpse of how to use these insights to inform marketing, product development and audience growth strategies.

JL: Why did you choose the topic you will speak about?

HV: We are now in an era of ‘liquid audience’, as my co-presenter Paul Neto says, which is characterized by consumers’ dynamic movement across devices and more variable video viewing behaviors in a 24-hour period. Digital video – both ad-supported and subscription-based – offers a prime opportunity for advertisers, brands and media to engage with consumers throughout the day. In order to reach and influence their audiences and buyers, brands need to understand how to best employ a multi-platform video strategy that delivers cohesive messaging that is optimized for reach, frequency and relevancy. For example, what time of day and which day of the week is the best time to reach young mothers under 30? On what device are they exposed to my video ads?

JL: Why should people attend your talk?

HV: For the first time ever, Verto Analytics and YuMe measured a statistically-built panel of 15,000 consumers consuming video across all of their key digital devices and quantified every single engagement with video services and content down to the hour.

In our talk, we will elaborate on this breadth of touch points so attendees can get a clear understanding of how digital consumers engage with apps and video on computers, smartphones, tablets, connected TVs, gaming consoles, and other media streaming devices.

As video consumption varies by distinct persona across many dimensions, we will present the four key personas that brands need to take into account when constructing their marketing strategies. This report will be available to MRMW attendees after the talk.

JL: What is the one key point that attendees should take from your talk?

Consumption of digital video is not a predictable exercise that occurs at specific times of day and on a specific device. As our real-life behavioral measurement demonstrates, video viewers’ habits are a function of many variables, with digital connections happening around the clock and across multiple screens. Our research affirms, through real-life activity tracking, that brands and advertisers cannot ignore the need for a cross-platform video strategy.

Editor’s note: You can learn more about the upcoming conference by visiting the MRMW Europe website.