Is Artificial Intelligence better than Humans?

The connected world is not only changing consumer patterns but entire industries. Self-driving cars, the Internet of Things and smart applications, from wrist-bands to fridges, are disrupting existing business models. New forms of engagement are leading to new forms of insights – and artificial intelligence will help organizations to better understand customers, faster.

Change however is not happening overnight. Instead, a constant evolution is leading to a revolution. When preparing for the rise of machine intelligence and AI, it is in the end down to humans to ask the right questions and make the right decisions. Only those well prepared with the right mix of flexibility, scalability and integrated processes will be ready to reap the benefits when evolution turns into revolution.

Zurich’s Global Head of Marketing, Monika Schulze is relying on Artificial Intelligence to keep her company one step ahead in an industry facing dramatic changes. Hear how she leverages the power AI to:
– Increase accuracy and continuously improve analytics
– Move from reaction to prediction and pre-emption
– Create new services and offerings to secure future growth

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