Isabelle Goisbault, Stratégir

Deputy Managing Director in charge of the R&D

Isabelle Goisbault is Deputy Managing Director of Stratégir in charge of R&D. Isabelle has an experience of nearly 30 years in different research international agencies, like Bases, Added Value and Strategir. Isabelle has developed a solid expertise in different areas of research, including optimisation of the elements of the mix, simulated test markets, U&As and shopper research. In 2008, Isabelle led the first surveys using virtual store environment with a specialised partner. These experiences showed that the current virtual solutions were not adapted to the research expertise of Stratégir. An internal solution with the Stratégir Toonga team was developed. In 2012, it resulted in creation of virtual visits video-projected at life-size, and, more recently, to integration of the virtual visit and the Gear VR further immerse the respondents.

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